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  • Department of Science & Humanities

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
    1 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Dave Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.SC.
    2 Dr. Ranjana Singh Tomar Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.SC.
    3 Dr. Anurag Paliwal Professor Ph.D. M.SC B.SC.
    4 Dr. Prakash C Dixit Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.SC. M.PHIL
    5 Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Pandey Professor Ph.D. M.Phil. M.SC. B.SC.
    6 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Professor Ph.D. MSC B.SC.
    7 Dr. Hariom Dubey Professor Ph.D. MSC B.SC.
    8 Dr. Sanchita Awasthi Associate Professor Ph.D. MSC B.SC.
    9 Dr. Anjali Ojha Associate Professor Ph.D. MSC B.SC.
    10 Dr. Tripti Kaushal Associate Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.SC. PGQA,QCM
    11 Dr. V.K. Singh Associate Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.SC.
    12 Dr. Jyoti Gupta Associate Professor Ph.D. M.Sc. B.Sc. L.L.B
    13 Dr. Sangeeta Kumari Associate Professor Ph.D. M.A. B.Sc. M.Sc.
    14 Mr. Pankaj Patel Associate Professor MSc BSc
    15 Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra Asst Professor M.Sc. B.SC.
    16 Ms. Khushboo Yadav Asst Professor MSc BSc
    17 Ms. Chandni Tripathi Asst Professor M.SC B.SC PGDCA
    18 Ms. Ankita Dehariya Asst Professor M.Sc B.Sc
    19 Ms. Pratiksha Soni Asst Professor M.Sc B.Sc
    20 Mr. Vishal Jhavare Asst Professor M.Sc B.Sc
    21 Mr. Devendra Kumar Awadhiya Asst Professor M.Sc. B.SC.
    22 Mr. Yogesh Kumar Shrivastava Asst Professor M.SC. B.SC
    23 Mrs. Garima Arora Asst Professor MSC BSC LLB
    24 Ms. Mahima Ratnakar Asst Professor M.SC B.SC PGDCA
    25 Mr. Deepesh Lodhi Asst Professor MSC BSC B.ED, BSW, DCA
    26 Mr. Pushpendra Rai Asst Professor M.SC B.SC
    27 Ms. Shilpi Kalwar Asst Professor M.SC B.SC B.ED
    28 Mr. Samrat Singh Asst Professor MSC BSC PGDCA
    29 Mrs. Kavita Singh Asst Professor M.Sc. B.SC.
    30 Mr. Shailendra Jain Asst Professor MSC B.SC PGDCA
    31 Mr. Sadanand Kumar Mallick Asst Professor MSC BSC
    32 Mr. Sushil Kumar Nigam Asst Professor M.A. B.A. B.ED.
    33 Ms. Anjum Zaidi Asst Professor M.A. B.SC.
    34 Mr. Shubham Dubey Asst Professor MA BA
    35 Mr. Shobhit Choubey Asst Professor MA B.SC B.ED
    36 Ms. Punyalubha Chauhan Asst Professor MA & MBA B.TECH B.ED